Our Mission is to satisfy the needs of our consumers, shareholders, workers and suppliers through our products, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, with the best price/value ratio, high profitability and sustained growth, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the community and the development of the country.

Our Vision is to become a leading company in cocoa products, both in Venezuela and in Latin America, oriented to the industrial market and export with the following purposes:

a) Promote productivity in collection centers.

b) Promote technological knowledge in productive areas.

c) Select and train our staff in order to achieve the required profiles.

d) Achieve their full commitment to the values ??of our company.

e) Offer the best development opportunities to our staff.


Grupo CIVEN is made up of companies with Venezuelan capital, whose objective is the commercialization of cocoa beans, manufacturing paste, butter and cocoa cake, hyperalkalinization of cocoa, coatings of similar chocolates and high quality industrial chocolates oriented to the national industry and to export markets.

Civen Group is a family business established in Venezuela since 2010. Our purpose is to connect Venezuelan cocoa farmers and chocolatiers with the industrial market around the world.


It is a Mercantile Company domiciled in the city of Charallave, Miranda state, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Its purpose is the commercialization of cocoa beans, manufacturing and preparation of paste, cocoa butter and cake, hypercalinization of cocoa, for consumption in the national and export markets.


The Civen Plant has a three-story main administrative building that covers an area of ??450m2 each, and four modules, distributed in:

Module 1: Raw material: 2000 m2

Module 2: Liquor and Butter: 900 m2

Module 3: Chocolates: Three (3) warehouses of 750 m2 each

Module 4: Producto terminado: 1,500 m2. totalmente refrigerado y con estructura metálica.


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