The CIVEN Group is composed of three companies of Venezuelan capital denominated: Cacao Industries 2010; Fesa Group, C.A, and Cream to Cream 1, C.A. whose objectives are to achieve vertical integration through the processing of cacao beans for the manufacturing of cacao paste, butter and cacao cake, cacao hyper-alkalization, chocolate coverings and industrial chocolates of high quality, all oriented towards the domestic industry and the exportation markets.


Productive process of liquor and shortening

The process begins in the collection centers when the cacao is received in grains, which is stored for it to be cleaned, classified and roasted later on. Once roasted, it is …

Productive Covering Process and shortening

Chocolate coating is known as the product obtained from a blending process of two or more of the following ingredients: husked cacao beans, …roasted, it is …

Productive Process of Chocolate shortening

The process begins with the mixture of three solids (cacao, sugar, and shortening) in adequate proportions to serve the various chocolate products. The first step in …

Our goal as CIVEN Group manufacturers is to achieve vertical integration starting from cacao beans to manufacturing pasta, butter, and cacao cake; the hyper-alkalization of cacao; elaboration of covers of analogous chocolates, and industrial chocolates of high quality, destined to the national industry and export markets.